Horse Balsam

What is Horse Balsam Muscle Gel – Pain Relief Gel

Horse Balsam - Muscle Gel - Pain Cream - Best Pain Relief Gel - Muscle Pain Gel - Back Pain Gel - Pain Relief Gel For Muscle - Pain BalmHorse Balsam is a muscle gel. It is also a pain relief gel for muscle pain, and injuries. Primarily developed from extract of the horse chestnut tree, it is regarded highly for its curing properties. Horse chestnut extract also from the horse chestnut tree, is also known as aesculus hippocastanum extract or aesculus extract in short.

This tree extract has been well known in Europe since past couple of centuries. Its earliest use was on draught horses, which were subject to heavy workload. This extract helped the animals recover from injuries very fast with a permanent effect. Thus it came to be called as horse balsam, horse liniment for humans, horse balm, and horse ointment among its other various names.

Slowly as it fame spread wide and uses became more known, it slowly became accepted by humans for various muscle injuries, joint pains and arthritis. In modern times, apart from these uses, it was slowly but significantly accepted in the sports persons and in the fitness arena.

horse balsam-horse balsam gel-horse gel-horse balm-horse liniment-horse ointment-aesculus hippocastanum-aesculus-horse chestnut extractFeatures

Horse Balsam is known for its various features, some of the excellent ones are ::

  • It has long duration heating effect.
  • Has a pleasant smell unlike other similar products.
  • Has a beautiful transparent pink color.
  • Extremely safe to use.
  • Natural aesculus hippocastanum extract from the horse chestnut tree.
  • A premium product among the sports and fitness community.
horse balsam-horse liniment-horse liniment for humans-horse ointment-horse chestnut extract- horse chestnut benefitsBenefits

Horse Balsam Muscle Gel has numerous benefits. These benefits have been revered by humans for the last couple of centuries. Moreover upon being researched by doctors, following benefits have been found most useful.

  • Natural horse chestnut extract – It has the natural extract of the horse chestnut tree and is a herbal application. This makes it completely safe to use and apply on skin. Also it is absorbed instantly by the skin for fast results.
  • Long duration heating effect – The heating effect provided by horse balsam is of long duration. This enables the sports person, or a patient to enjoy the benefits for a longer time. Another benefit of this is savings.
  • Increased blood flow – It increases the blood flow to affected area by diluting blood capillaries. This happens when the horse balm is absorbed by the skin, and its works on the capillaries in the area.
  • Increase nutrient flow – Because of the increased blood flow to affected area, there is also an increased nutrient flow. This is good for the injured area.
  • Faster healing – Increased blood flow, causes increased nutrient supply to the affected area. This helps in faster healing.
  • Warm up gel – This muscle gel can be used as a effective warm up gel for muscles. The heating effect of the gels causes the muscles to warm up nicely, thus making them ready for a workout, exercise or play.
  • Averts injury – The warm up done by this gel get the muscles worked up. This makes the muscles ready for physical activity with increased blood flow. This goes a long way in keeping injury chances to a bare minimum low.
  • Decreases muscle fatigue  – Post workout, exercise or play application, allows to keep muscles warmer for extended time. This keeps blood flow to muscles to an optimum rate. Also an increased nutrient supply helps muscles to recover faster with decreased fatigue levels.
  • Energizes muscle – Horse balm application results in increased blood flow, which in turn, increases supply of nutrients, and body sugars to applied muscles. This increases energy levels for a better workout.
  • Kill Pain – The heat effect of this pain balm begins to dissipate pain with immediate effect. This helps people with joint pains, muscle pains.
  • Reduces muscle soreness – Post workouts, exercises and play, the application of this muscle gel helps to delay and reduce the onset of muscle soreness.
  • Reduces muscle stiffness – The heat effect mobilizes the muscles and reduces the stiffness and the pain in the muscles.
Horse Balsam-Knee Pain Ointment - Back Pain Ointment - Anti Inflammatory Ointment - Pain Relief Cream - Muscle Pain Relief Cream - Joint Pain Relief Cream - Back Pain Cream - Nerve Pain Relief Cream - Sore Muscle CreamUsages

This muscle gel has a range of usages depending upon which benefit it is intended for. In most cases, whether this horse liniment is used as a pain balm, topical analgesic muscle cream, or an anti inflammatory gel, its usage is not limited to the following cases ::

  • Pains – muscle pain, calf muscle pain, leg muscle pain, shoulder muscle pain, thigh muscle pain, buttock pain, left leg pain, right leg pain, upper arm muscle pain, upper leg muscle pain, back pain, lower back pain, upper back pain, middle back pain, lower left back pain, cervical pain, lower left back pain, lower right back pain, joint pains, shoulder pain, right shoulder pain, left shoulder pain, shoulder and arm pain, back shoulder pain, severe shoulder pain, knee pain, back of knee pain, left knee pain, right knee pain, muscle and joint pain, finger joint pain, elbow joint pain, severe joint pain, neck pain, back of neck pain, lower neck pain, upper neck pain, and other constant muscle pains.
  • Muscular issues – sore muscles, muscle spasm, muscle cramps, muscle strain, muscle stiffness, muscle tightness, muscle tension, joint inflammation, knee pain and swelling, shoulder tear, sore shoulder, nerve pain.
  • Healing – it can be used to promote faster heating. It also helps the injured area to avert injury in case of forced use.
  • All purpose balm – this gel well replaces a normal pain balm by laps and bounds. It is better to use this instead of Tiger balm, or Amrutanjan balm. This is a premium product and its effect is more realised.
  • Its replaces other common products like Iodex, Moov, Volini due to its better properties. It is made in Europe, and comes with health effects that last much longer, without smell, no oiliness, and a great pink color.