Horse Balsam

Horse Chestnut Extract From Aesculus Hippocastanum

horse chestnut tree-horse chestnut extract-horse chestnut-horse chestnut fruit-Aesculus HippocastanumHorse Chestnut extract comes from the various parts of the horse chestnut tree. This tree native to the Balkans, is now found all over the world. Its been used since the last couple of centuries for its medical usages. It is highly popular in Europe for its healing properties.


horse balsam-horse chestnut-horse chestnut tree-horse chestnut extract-aesculus hippocastanum-aesculus-Marronnier des Chevaux-Castaño de Indias,-Aescin-Venostat-Venostasin Retard,-Buckeye-Châtaignier de Mer-Chestnut-Conker Tree-Escine-Châtaignier des Chevaux-Hippocastani Cortex-Aescine-Hippocastani Folium-Hippocastani Semen-Hippocastani Flos-Marron Europeen-Venastat-Marronnier Blanc-Spanish Chestnut-Marronnier-White ChestnutAlso Known As

Since it is popular mostly in Europe, here are the few names it is also known as. Marronnier des Chevaux, Castaño de Indias, Aescin, Venostat,  Venostasin Retard, Buckeye, Châtaignier de Mer, Chestnut, Conker Tree, Escine, Châtaignier des Chevaux, Hippocastani Cortex, Aescine, Hippocastani Folium, Hippocastani Semen, Aesculus hippocastanum,  Hippocastani Flos, Marron Europeen, Venastat, Marronnier Blanc, Spanish Chestnut, Marronnier, and White Chestnut.

horse balsam-horse liniment-horse liniment for humans-horse ointment-horse chestnut extract- horse chestnut benefits-horse chestnut tree-indian chestnut-aesculus hippocastanum-aesculus-conker treeWhich Part Of Horse Chestnut Us Used To Make Extract

Aesculus Hippocastanum trees leaves and seeds are used to make medicine for varicose veins, swollen veins, and hemorrhoids. The seeds are also used in the treatment of  joint pains, diarrhea, leg cramps, fever, and enlarged prostate.

The leaf extract from the horse chestnut trees is also used for healing in soft tissue swelling resulting from fracture, sprain, arthritis. The branch bark is also used for treating malaria, dysentery, some skin problems like ulcers.

Horse chestnut extract is also believed to increase the quality of sperms, and treat infertility resulting from issues in veins near the testicles.

safety-precautions-health precautions-health safetySafety and Precautions

The extract from horse balsam tree is generally considered safe to use. In many cases it is used as a supplement to digest, or also used as skin applicator balm or cream. Since it is a naturally occurring product, its usages are varied to a large extent. This is also applicable to its safety record.

The raw extract, and eating parts of the plant in the raw form, may expose the body to a poison called esculin. This poison can lead to bleeding in different parts and may result in death in overdose cases.

Under the following conditions, one is cautioned to avoid the extract ::

  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Bleeding disorders.
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • A sensitive intestine or GI tract.
  • People have latex allergy.
  • During post operative care.
  • Diabetes.
Horse Balsam - Muscle Gel - Pain Cream - Best Pain Relief Gel - Muscle Pain Gel - Back Pain Gel - Pain Relief Gel For Muscle - Pain BalmHorse Balsam Muscle Gel Is Extremely Safe To Use

In a pain gel or pain relief cream form, when applied over the skin, the horse chestnut extract such as Horse Balsam is extremely safe. This allows for maximum use of its benefits, while at the same time keeping any remote risk to zero. In the form as Horse Balsam, it is a thoroughly tested, all applications have been found to be extremely safe with widest possible benefits.