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Which One Of You Needs Relief ?

Body Builders

Hitting the gym and still want to feel no pains? Most people who hit gym, or workout face injuries of some kind. Don’t let these small setbacks stop you from your goal. Have you lately suffered from any of these:

Muscle soreness aka DOMS

Tender muscles

Muscle stiffness

Muscular injuries


Improper warm up

Sports Persons

A game is full of activity and charge. The faster the game the more the fun. Every once in a while small injuries delay the progress. Precautions and care prevent small injuries from turning into big serious injuries. Do these stepping stones bother you:

Muscle cramps

Tender muscles

Muscle strain

Sore muscles


Lack of muscular energy

Working Professionals

Practically everybody is working these days. The more the work, more ambitious you are, and farther will you go. Long hours, bad posture takes a toll on the body. Its important to be healthy and fit. Do these pains bother you:

Neck pain

Knee pain

Back pain

Shoulder pain

Cervical neck pain

Muscle pain

House Wives

Home is a play ground. Anything and everything happens. Tiring household work, taking care of kids, cooking takes a toll. A house wife needs one magic balm to kill and heal every pain. Do you feel the same and want to kill:

Neck strain

Knee strain

Back strain


Paining legs and feet

Minor soft tissue injuries

Old Persons

Old age brings along its own share of fun and pains. The body is getting old and years of abuse and strain starts to show. Stiffness and pains is the new norm, but taking care helps a lot. You want to get rid of these

Joint pain

Muscle pain

Back strain


Paining legs and feet

Minor soft tissue injuries


The Solution

The One Answer To All The Problems
The Famous Secret Of Europe – Horse Chestnut Extract


Horse Balsam Gel brings to India, the famous European healing recipe – Horse Chestnut Extract. This herbal extract is made from the fruit of horse chestnut tree. Horse chestnut tree is also known by other names such as aesculus hippocastanum, aesculus, marronnier des chevaux, buckeye, and marronnier.

Horse chestnut extract is famous for its healing properties. Since the last few centuries, the healing effect of horse chestnut has helped people recover from common soft tissue injuries. In the modern time, several medical studies have confirmed the good healing effects of this aesculus hippocastanum extract.

In the 16th century, horse chestnut was used to treat work horses and draught horses, who used to get tired. It also helped heals the injuries that the horses sustained. Thus the chestnut tree got more known as the horse chestnut tree. Slowly, the good medical benefits of horse chestnut extract are getting recognized and utilized by humans.

Main Ingredient Of Horse Chestnut Extract

Horse Chestnut tree extract or aesculus hippocastanum extract contains a particular chemical that is responsible for most of its medicinal properties. This chemical is called Aescin or escin, and belongs to a group of chemicals called saponins, that are foamy like soaps. Aescin is the primary active chemical in horse chestnut extract.

Its main property relates to thinning blood and better blood circulation. All the medical benefits that arise are a consequence of the main property of aescin. Though the benefits of horse chestnut extract are numerous, we’ll talk about only the ones that arise as a result of using Horse Balsam Gel.

Benefits Of Horse Balsam Gel

Horse Balsam Gel is a herbal preparation. It is a warm up gel, muscle gel, pain relief gel, and a pain balm all rolled into one. This is a magic preparation that every house needs to have. Ranging from whether you use in the gym, or your are a sportsperson, treating simple back sprain or simply need a balm to treat headache, this healing gel does wonders in every use.

Many benefits of horse balsam are

Herbal Product – Since it is derived from horse chestnut tree, the horse balsam is natural and easily absorbed by the skin for quick action and fast relief.

Long Lasting Heating Effect – Horse balsam is a laboratory researched to make its heating effect last much longer compared to similar products. So you get maximum protection.

Increased Blood Flow – Horse chestnut extract in the horse balsam allows for better blood flow to the applied area. This is good for several reasons.

Increased Nutrient Supply – Increased nutrient supply occurs as a result of increased blood flow. This is very helpful in healing injuries.

Much Better Healing – Increased nutrient supply leads to injured area receiving nutrient at a faster rate, thus resulting in faster and better healing.

Muscle Warm up – Heating effect of the horse balsam muscle gel and increased blood flow allow for better warm up of muscle prior to exercise.

Prevents Injuries – Drastically less chance of muscular injury happens as a result of better muscle warm up, that allows for better movement of muscles during exercise or play activities.

Decreased Muscle Fatigue – Application of horse balsam gel, increases blood flow and its heating effect give a combined that decreases muscle fatigue after a activity. This happens because of better nutrient supply, and a better and slowing cooling down of muscles.

Heightened Muscular Energy – During an exercise or play, muscular energy goes up and down following cycles of fast and slow activity. Horse balm results in increased blood flow that provides better nutrient flow along with a better energy supply in the form of blood sugars.

Reduces Swelling – Horse chestnut extract in the horse balsam, is famous for its anti inflammatory effect. This helps to naturally reduce swelling in the injured areas where soft tissue damage has occurred.

Reduced Muscle Soreness – Muscle soreness is greatly reduced as a result of horse balsam application on account of increased blood supply, better nutrient availability, and better warm up and cool down.

Decreased Muscle Stiffness – Muscle stiffness post workout and play is greatly reduced via better warm up and cool down cycles due to horse balsam application.

Uses Of Horse Balsam Gel

Horse Balsam Gel is an all in one magic gel. Its uses are only varied by imagination. In the case of most superficial injuries or in most cases of soft tissue injuries, Horse Balsam does wonders. Being natural and herbal product, it is most readily accepted by the body as healing medicine. Read the below to see in how many ways this all purpose balm can help you.

Many uses of horse balsam are

Muscle Warm Up – All sports persons recognize the fast and safe warm up provided by horse balsam as a warm up gel. It is quick, happens in no time, and lasts longer than the exercise

Heat Therapy Gel – This magic gel works as a hot pack or heat pack for soothing of muscles during the healing process as standard recommended thermotherapy or heat therapy procedure. Horse balsam works great for healing fractures and sprains.

Massage Gel – Horse balsam can be easily used during body massages and physiotherapy sessions for better blood flow, as a lubricant and for deep heat treatment. You’ll notice significant difference in the 1st session itself.

Arthritis and Joint Pain – Horse chestnut extract also called aesculus aippocastanum extract or aesculus extract in the horse balm is known to be of great soothing service in arthritis and joint pain. It helps reduce swelling too, in addition to being a superb pain relief gel. Works for arthritis, joint pain, finger joint pain, elbow joint pain, severe joint pain, stiff joints, and swelling around joints.

Back Pain – One application on the back in the affected area, and you can feel in the difference in relief. Works in the case of back pain, lower back pain, middle back pain, upper back pain, lower left back pain, lower right back. It greatly helps in reducing severe back pain coupled with precautions and prescribed exercises and right posture.

Shoulder Pain – Shoulder pain can be result of bad posture, excessive usage, muscular injury or should dislocation. No matter what it is, horse balsam will add to the comfort level in no time upon application. Works as shoulder pain relief in shoulder pain, right shoulder pain, left shoulder pain, shoulder joint pain, sore shoulder, shoulder and arm pain, back shoulder pain, and upper shoulder pain. It is a great shoulder pain remedy.

Neck Pain – A big neck pain relief can be felt using this as a part of neck pain treatment. Apply this before starting neck strengthening exercises to get best results. This also works in neck pain relief. Works for neck pain, cervical neck pain, back of neck pain, neck pain headache, and sever neck pain.

Knee Pain – Knee pain can be hurtful and restricts mobility. Horse balsam gel brings comfort in knee movement by reducing knee pain and faster healing. Works for knee pain, severe knee pain, back of knee pain, knee pain when bending, left knee pain, right knee pain and more.

Muscle Pain – Muscle pains are hurtful, confusing and hard to treat. Horse balsam muscle gel makes it easy for muscles to get back in shape. Get muscle pain relief for muscle pain, calf muscle pain, leg muscle pain, shoulder muscle pain, thigh muscle pain, back muscle pain, buttock pain, left leg pain, right leg pain, and sore muscles.

Muscular and Soft Tissue Injuries – Helps a lot during muscular and soft tissue injuries by reducing pain and swelling and promoting faster recovery. Works for sore muscles, muscle aches, muscle spasm, muscle cramps, muscle strain, muscle problems, muscle stiffness, muscle tightness, and muscle tension.

General All Purpose Balm – Horse Balsam works as a general all purpose pain balm that helps in common ailments at home. This can be used to normal pains, during cold and cough, headaches etc. This very well is a housewives’ magic treat-it-all balm.

Horse Balsam Gel Features

Horse Balsam is made in Europe in best quality labs. It has been made with in a way that every characteristic is well thought of. The comfort of the user is the primary motive here.

Features of horse balsam are

A beautiful transparent pink color.

Has a pleasant smell that pleases and soothes, unlike other similar products that have a repelling smell.

Has a long lasting heat effect, that goes on for a long time.

Safe for skin and very safe for use as it is nature derived herbal product.

Tried and tested with usage extending over hundreds of years.

Mostly importantly, it enjoys patronage of body building and different sports communities.