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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ – Horse Balsam Gel

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We have compiled this frequently asked questions (FAQ) to clarify any concerns that one may have regarding how to use horse balsam gel. This should answer any and all of the questions you may have regarding the usage and benefits of horse balsam gel.

What is Horse Balsam Muscle Gel?

Horse Balsam Muscle Gel is also a all purpose balm that one can apply on the skin for immediate relief from pains, cramps, faster healing of injuries, and for heat therapy.

What is Horse Balsam Muscle Gel?

The main ingredient in Horse Balsam is horse chestnut extract from aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut tree) which is known for its healing properties for various ailments.

Does it contain any animal products? Or Is it Herbal?

Horse Chestnut does not contain any animal products in it. It is a herbal product with horse chestnut extract which is derived from various parts of the aesculus hippocastanum tree.

Can I consume horse balsam?

Horse Balsam is not supposed to be eaten. It is a gel that is to be applied on the skin which has internal injury like fracture, sprain, cramps or soft tissue injury.

Does it have any side effects?

Horse Balsam generally has no side effects. Pregnant, breast feeding mothers, patients suffering from diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease and people with latex allergy should maintain a cautious approach. It is best to consult a doctor if you are under one of these conditions.

Is Horse Balsam safe ?

Well, the formulation of this horse balm has been tested by the European scientists. It is manufactured in cleanest and most hygienic labs.

Does it help sore muscles?

It helps in healing the muscle soreness faster, because it improves the blood circulation in that targeted area. This increases nutrient supply and muscles recovery is much better. It is also an anti inflammatory gel.

How Horse Balsam reduces swelling and pain?

Horse Balsam reduces the secretion of prostaglandins,which is related to inflammation or pain in the damaged area. Its reduced secretion helps in minimising swelling or inflammation, and eases out pain too. It is one of the best pain relief cream for muscle, soft tissue related injuries.

How Horse Balsam improve muscle recovery?

Once applied, it creates a warming effect to the applied area; and the sensation allows brain to push more blood to targeted area. More blood flow to muscle means more nutrition supply therefore you heal faster!

Can I apply it before workout?

Yes, you can and should apply Horse Balsam Muscle before workout. This causes heat sensation in the applied area. The muscles underneath, have more blood flow and work more efficiently. This prevents injuries especially if the muscles the that area are tender or recovering from an injury.

Will it help me recover from injuries faster?

Yes, horse chestnut extract in the horse balsam helps heals injuries faster with decrease in swelling and pain. Is

Is horse balsam good for back pain?

Horse Balsam is an excellent product for back pain, knee pain, joint pain, shoulder pains, arthritis and similar conditions. This horse ointment works very well in healing and reducing pain.

Is Horse Balsam effective on muscle cramps?

Horse Balsam is highly effective with muscle cramps and provides fast relief from them. kindly read these frequently asked questions for a full understanding.

Do I need to change my diet to use Horse Balsam?

No, you do not have to make any dietary changes to use Horse Balsam. Horse Balsam is meant to be used externally and has no relation to the diet you consume.

How long does it take for Horse Balsam to show effect?

Horse Balsam cream starts showing its effect within 5-10 minutes on application on skin.

How Horse Balsam compares to other similar products in the market?

Horse balsam is an elite product made in Europe. It has no stickiness, oiliness and bad smell like other similar common products available in the market. Moreover, it has a beautiful transparent pink color and a pleasing smell.

Where can I buy Horse Balsam?

You can buy Horse Balsam on our website here.


These frequently asked questions should help you with any concerns you have. should you need to ask more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.